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From Barb Shelley and Jim Staggs

Jim Staggs and I want to thank the over fifty volunteers who helped us to make this year’s Lakelands Orthopaedic ProAm Clinic the best ever! It absolutely amazed us that the winds were hallowing, the rain was pouring and yet every single volunteer was there. Special thanks to those men who were there from eight in the morning to eight at night doing every job imaginable and then asking what else you could do!! I could not believe it when I pulled up and there you were! We had more outside teams this year and they commented on the friendliness of our residents!

Thank you also to our staff. We particularly have to thank Bob McIntosh for his patience. This year was particularly difficult with the weather predictions. At one point, the weather looked so bleak we decided to move the putting contest into the ProShop. Before you knew it, Bob had cleared the ProShop and was taping off the floor. Thank you to Bob and Ginnie Timok for doing a professional job with smiles!

SYSCO was our food sponsor and provided the box lunches (with home made cookies!) and the best ProAm dinner yet! Everyone was raving about the mushroom sauce on the pork medallions but I have to tell you that spicy mango sauce on the grilled chicken breasts was to die for! Thank you to Chef Tricia Benning for her creativity and skills. Thank you also to Justin Maynard and his staff for their hard work and courteous service! I did not hear anything but raves all around!

Once the “bag boys” got the clubs on the cars, and the smiling girls at registration greeted everyone, the day started with the Lee Builders’ Putting Contest. John Stoddard ran the event and I have to tell you, up until the minute it started, he was literally running between the ProShop and the putting green, trying to figure out Mother Nature’s plan for the day! In the end, he opted for the putting green and it worked perfectly! Clay Antonakus and Carrie Phillips of Lee Builders, presented $250 to Ray Tarnosky, the winner of the 2014 Putting Contest!

Oh, did I mention that in the middle of all this confusion, we lost power in the ProShop? It would have been a “challenging” putt in the ProShop to say the least!

Bob gave the instructions and we were on the way by one o’clock, as planned. The “Beer Babes” came around all day with beer, soda and water, which was nice feature! Thanks to those who let us store supplies at their houses so our ladies did not have to go back to the ProShop. Thanks to our photography crew, every participant got a picture of their team! One of the Pros posted theirs on their website! When we got to the Par Threes, there were two more friendly volunteers witnessing for the Hole-in-One and Closest-to-the-Pin contests. No one won the $10,000 sponsored by David A. Crotts & Associates !

The Godbys came up four hours early at the last minute to set up the raffle table in case of rain, and they were still there when we got done golfing, helping THOSE WHO WON find their gifts. ( The reason for the capitals is that for twelve years of buying raffle tickets, I have never won a single prize.. and this year was no exception!)

After dinner, Bob presented the following prizes.

First Place Team ($100 each) From Augusta Linen.. Randy Tucker, Brett Pritchard, Logan Tucker, Harrison Mohr. Their pro was Wesley Graham.Randy is the man who brings us our tent each year. Many went out to watch them and it was reported they all can all hit over 280 yards. Heard some amazing stories, they came in at twenty under with a 52!

There were two teams not far behind with 55. Bob reported that the scores of these two teams were so close that he had to go to the last hole to break the tie!

The second place team, which each got $75 each, were PJ Poore (Hole-in-One Sponsor), James Poore, Chris Clem, Lowery Wilson and the Pro was Sam Ryder. PJ let us know that this was the second year in a row with the second place, so Randy better watch out next year!

The third place winner (playoff on the card), also with a 55, was the McCormick County Team consisting of Byron Thompson, George Patrick, Pete Shumway and Joe Todd. Their pro was Jarrod Barsamian. They all received $50.

The Closest-to-the-Pin results were:
Dr. Christian won a four- man guided fishing trip by Capt Mark Crawford (6′ 6″ on hole four)
PJ Poore won a SLVC Wilson Carry Bag sponsored by SLV (15’5″ on hole eight)
Harrison Mohr won a SLVC Wilson Carry Bag sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens (5’7″ on hole twelve)
Ross Trulock won a SLVC Wilson Carry Bag sponsored by SLV (30’12” on hole sixteen)

Jim and I need to also thank John Franklin for his support. We “forgot” we needed more tee markers and John cut and painted them for us at the last minute! He came to both of us on numerous occasions to see if we needed anything . The course showed the work he and his crew had done to prepare. By the way, John and his crew were out there with lights on their machinery late last night getting ready for today as soon as we finished yesterday. We are lucky to have such a dedicated crew at Monticello!

It was an incredible day yesterday, thanks to so many of you, we appreciate the support of our committee, our staff and our volunteers!

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