Self Regional Announces Closing of Epting Street Entrance

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Visitors to Self Regional Medical Center may need to access services and visit patients at the Medical Center using an alternative entrance. Direct access to the Patient Tower from the Epting Street entrance will be closed due to construction.

Here is a reference guide for visitors and patients:

Visiting a Patient in the Tower? – Use the new Wells Street Entrance, which features a long blue canopy.

Coming for an Endoscopy, Stress Test or Other Cardiovascular Testing? – Use Spring Street entrances 1 or 2.

Visiting a New Mom or Someone in ICU/CCU/CICU? – Use Spring Street entrances 1 or 2 and access designated elevators 6 and 7.

Coming to the Cafeteria? – Use the Spring Street entrance.

Valet parking is available for patients at the Edgefield Street Entrance of the hospital.

To view a map with additional locations listed, please visit:

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